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CSR Efforts

Fundamental Policy on CSR

In its Company Policy instituted in 1957, the Shionogi Group has set forth the goal of its corporate activities as being “to strive constantly to supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients we serve.” This eternal and unwavering corporate philosophy is a statement of our vision and value to society. Our operations as a pharmaceutical company inherently contribute to society, and we believe that implementing this philosophy promotes the fulfillment of our social responsibilities as a corporation.
We have also formulated the Shionogi Charter of Conduct to guide our efforts in conducting corporate activities that are suited to a truly rich and vibrant civil society as a corporate citizen and as a pharmaceutical manufacturer with awareness of social responsibility based on high ethical values. In recent years, more and more has been expected of companies in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
In line with this trend, Shionogi is actively implementing CSR activities such as creating innovative pharmaceuticals and developing specialized human resources so as to fulfill its corporate responsibility to the economy, society and the environment, and to earn the trust and understanding of society as a good corporate citizen.

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