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Pharmaceutical Business

Ethical Pharmaceutical Business

The ethical pharmaceutical business is Shionogi's core business and accounts for over 90% of its total net sales. Shionogi's medical representatives (MRs) are dedicated to communicating accurate information on the proper use of medical products based on scientific evidence. Bearing the importance of this notion in mind, our MRs are committed to everyday activities to meet the diversified and complex needs of patients and healthcare practitioners.

Ethical Pharmaceutical Business in Japan

8 New Products

Shionogi is focusing on metabolic syndrome, pain, and infectious disease as core therapeutic areas, and the eight new drugs, including Crestor (cholesterol medication), the Irbetan family of drugs (Irbetan , Aimix ,and Irtra: anti-hypertension drug), and Cymbalta (depression treatment), are considered as its core products. In order to deliver their maximum value, Shionogi is committed to communicating information that contributes to enhanced medical care.

Business Worldwide

In the United States, which is the largest pharmaceutical market in the world, Shionogi Inc. is engaged in the mission of improvement and value expansion of Shionogi's product portfolio through enthusiastic licensing activities in addition to working on its own proprietary development and marketing efforts.
In Europe, Shionogi Limited is established as a development center aimed at accelerating global development as well as actively procuring distribution partners. In Asia, Shionogi has invested in C&O Pharmaceutical Technology (Holdings) Limited based in China, which is part of Shionogi's active pursuit of global business expansion and strengthening its development and distribution framework.

OTC Drug Business

Our OTC drug business is dedicated to raising our customers' quality of life (QOL), which we believe can be achieved through our selected product lineup that supports a variety of lifestyles.

Diagnostic Product Business

Shionogi is committed to selling, distributing and providing information about diagnostic products in the fields of infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and allergies. In the infectious diseases, Shionogi has been marketing Brightpoc Flu, the quick influenza testing kit, in collaboration with Rapiacta, antiviral drug for influenza, to make a broad contribution from diagnosis to treatment. In the cardiovascular diseases, Shionogi, as a licenser of BNP (human brain natriuretic peptide), works together with partner companies globally to enhance early detection of heart failure and other related clinical conditions. In the allergic disease, Allerport HRT, a reagent for identifying allergens, and HISCL-TARC, which measures TARC (thymus and activation-regulated chemokine) level for evaluating the severity of atopic dermatitis symptoms, are receiving attention from healthcare practitioners.

Shionogi, through the early diagnosis and treatment by providing diagnostic reagents, is determined to continue its efforts in order to contribute to the well-being of patients in the diagnostic products business as well as ethical drug business.

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