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(As of July 1, 2017)

Members of the Board

Chairman of the Board
and Representative Director
Motozo Shiono
President and CEO Isao Teshirogi, Ph.D.
Director, Executive Vice President Takuko Sawada
Outside Director Akio Nomura
Outside Director Teppei Mogi
Outside Director Keiichi Ando

Member of the Board of Auditors

Standing Corporate Auditor Akira Okamoto
Standing Corporate Auditor Ikuo Kato
Outside Corporate Auditor Shinichi Yokoyama
Outside Corporate Auditor Kenji Fukuda
Outside Corporate Auditor Masahide Hirasawa

Corporate Officers

Senior Executive Officer Takuo Fukuda
Senior Executive Officer Ryuichi Kume, Ph.D.
Senior Executive Officer Yoshiaki Kamoya
Senior Executive Officer Takayuki Yoshioka, Ph.D.
Senior Executive Officer Kohji Hanasaki, Ph.D.
Senior Executive Officer John Keller, Ph.D.
Senior Executive Officer Kazuhiro Hatanaka
Corporate Officer Masaaki Takeyasu
Corporate Officer Miyuki Hiura
Corporate Officer Toshinobu Iwasaki, Ph.D.
Corporate Officer Takeshi Shiota, Ph.D.
Corporate Officer Noriyuki Kishida
Corporate Officer Ryuichi Kiyama, Ph.D.
Corporate Officer Akira Kato

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