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Efforts to Preserve the Environment

The Shionogi Group as a company contributing to the maintenance and improvement of human health and comfortable life, in its research and development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and other business activities, and recognizes the biological diversity is considered in harmony with the natural environment and business activities.
The Shionogi Group recognizes that it has an important corporate social responsibility to respect global and local environments when conducting its business activities.
Based on this thinking, to lessen the environmental impact of all of our business activities, we established an “The Shionogi Environmental Policy.” In line with this policy, we have established the Shionogi Group Environmental Protection Plan and conduct a range of environmental preservation activities that give consideration to global environmental protection, resource protection and harmony with the natural environment.

Environmental Policy

Under Shionogi’s company policy to “strive constantly to provide medicine of the best possible kind essential for protection of the health of the people,” the Shionogi Group is keenly aware that a company is also a member of society. As such, the Group will contribute to building a richer society by placing priority on environmental protection, pollution prevention and human safety in its pharmaceutical-related business activities.

1. Environmental Management System

The Shionogi Group will promote high-quality environmental protection activities by assigning the Director in charge of the environment to the post of Chief Environmental Supervisor and clarifying organizational responsibilities and authority for environmental management.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Shionogi Group will work to protect the environment by complying with environmental laws and regulations as well as setting voluntary management standards.

3. Reduction of Environmental Impact

In its research and development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and other business activities, the Shionogi Group will set and periodically revise targets in areas such as energy and resource conservation, waste reduction, and strengthening management of chemical substances, striving for continual improvement.

4. Education and Training

The Shionogi Group will raise the awareness of all employees toward environmental protection by conducting environmental education and training and providing environment-related information.

5. Coexistence with Society

From its standpoint as a corporate citizen, the Shionogi Group will cooperate in environmental protection activities of regional communities. In addition, we will disclose our environmental information to promote mutual understanding with society.

6. Disclosure of Our Environmental Policy

The Shionogi Group will disclose the Environmental Policy both inside and outside the Group.

(April 2015)

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