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Business Partnership (Shionogi Group's Procurement Policy)

With our corporate policy that "We strive constantly to provide medicine of the best possible kind essential for the protection of the health of the people", we continue our efforts to contribute to improving Quality of Life (QOL) of patients and their families by serving their health through procurement activities based on sincerity, fairness, impartiality and transparency. We also strive for enhancement of the corporate value so that we can obtain further confidence of healthcare professionals and all stakeholders.

1.Procurement ethics

In order to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products which are beneficial to a lot of patients and healthcare professionals, and to provide them continuously, stably and safely, we procure materials and goods with good quality at reasonable prices from domestic and international markets.

2.Strict compliance with laws, regulations, and social and corporate ethics, and environmental consideration

  1. In our procurement from global markets, we comply with the laws and regulations in the relevant countries as well as all the domestic laws and regulations relating to procurement activities, such as the Anti-Monopoly Law and Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors.
  2. In implementing procurement operations, we conform to social and corporate ethics and rules and strive for decency along with transparency and objectivity, and we never demand or receive interests (money, goods, hospitality, favors, etc.) through influence peddling nor have personal interests with business partners.
  3. As well as complying with environmental laws, we promote environmentally-friendly procurement with as little environmental burden as possible.
  4. As well as taking the lead in setting good examples, we ask our business partners to understand the above-mentioned approaches.

3.Relationships with business partners

  1. We strive for deepening mutual trusting relationship with our business partners and to build prosperity together by putting a high priority on communication as good partners with sincere attitude on an equal footing.
  2. We responsibly manage any confidential information acquired through our procurement activities and never use the information for any purposes other than the transaction in question nor leak it to any unrelated third parties inside or outside the company.
  3. We implement our procurement operations both domestically and internationally by following fair, transparent and obvious procedures, and never have business dealings with specific individuals or organizations in irrational or anti-social manners.
  4. When choosing our business partners, we make impartial and fair selections by comprehensively examining potential partners' management stability, social trust and past performance, as well as quality and safety of materials and goods, technical capabilities, economic rationality (prices, delivery time) and degree of cooperation, and we never favor particular partners.

(Established on October 2011)

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