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Disclosure Policy

Disclosure policy

Shionogi considers the improvement of the management transparency to be one of the important duties as a company widely trusted by society. Based on this basic policy, the Company will disclose the information related to its business activities to all stakeholders in a timely, fair and consistent manner.

Disclosure standard

  • Shionogi will disclose in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the relevant rules of the securities exchange which the share of the Company is listed on.
  • Even if information does not correspond to the relevant laws and the rules related to timely disclosure, information which may affect investment decision of shareholders and investors will be disclosed voluntary.

Manner of information disclosure

  • Shionogi will disclose information in accordance with the relevant laws and the rules related to timely disclosure through the services such as Financial Services Agency's an electronic system for publicly listed corporations to file financial reports in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork (hereafter "EDINET"), or the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure network (hereafter "TDnet").
  • In consideration of the timeliness and the fairness of information disclosure, information disclosed through EDINET or TDnet will be promptly posted on the website.
  • Shionogi will also disclose information other than listed above in a fairly and promptly manner by press releases, press conferences and the website, etc.
  • For the convenience of stakeholders, Shionogi will make an effort to provide English translations of the information disclosed in Japanese.

Prevention of insider trading

Shionogi will define the basic policy related to the appropriate control of internal information and the stock trading in the internal rule. Under the rule, the Company will prevent the insider trading by enhancing the insider trade regulation sharing among employees and operating appropriate management system of stock trading.

Quiet period

  • In order to secure legal compliance and fairness and to prevent premature divulgence of information related to financial results, Shionogi will define the period from the next business day of the end of each quarter to the day of the announcement of the financial results of the quarter as the "quiet period,"
  • During the quiet period, Shionogi will refrain from making any comments or replies to questions related to the upcoming financial results. However, the Company will disclose in accordance with the rules related to timely disclosure, when a significant deviation from the business forecast included in the last disclosure is expected and updating is considered to be necessary.

Forward-looking statements

In the information which Shionogi will disclose, forward-looking statements such as strategy, business plans, etc. are included other than the financial forecasts. The forecasts are determined based on the information available at the time of disclosure, and actual business performance may change from the forecasts due to the change of economic conditions or market environment in the future.

(Established on January 1, 2012)

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