Our mid-term business plan (Shionogi Growth Strategy 2020: SGS2020) sees Shionogi growing as a drug discovery-based pharmaceutical company, making diligent efforts in the research and development of new drugs that are needed by patients around the world.

塩田 武司

Shionogi Research Laboratories produce more than 60% of the development products in our pipeline. This high ratio is testimony to our advanced research ability, even when compared to other companies on the same scale or even larger who rely to a greater extent on in-licensing development products. The products we are developing include candidate drugs originating from Shionogi Research Laboratories, those from external seeds, and products derived from collaborative research with academic scientists and biopharmaceutical companies. Our strength is that we do not rely solely on in-house development, and develop drugs that incorporate various ideas.
It remains a challenge to research and develop new drugs that satisfy unmet clinical needs. Vast resources are required, including people and money, and it is necessary to accumulate an enormous amount of extensive scientific knowledge to produce just one drug. We lead the way in open innovation through our corporate sponsorship programs FINDS and SSP, and drive drug discovery forward with external research partners over many years. From this experience, we have come to believe that through ideation and technological advances, together we can innovate to address today’s healthcare challenges.
We welcome ideas and enthusiasm for drug discovery, making efforts to discover new drugs for real patient needs around the world. Let's create new innovation by combining your ideas with our drug discovery experience, know-how and capabilities which have produced multiple pharmaceutical products around the world.
We look forward to working together with you on drug discovery research.

Corporate Officer, Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Resarch Division

塩田 武司