Infectious Diseases

Serious infections such as emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and multidrug-resistant infections are spreading globally with unprecedented speed, alongside an increasingly interconnected world brought about by the development of the global economy. Shionogi continues to discover superior drugs for these bacterial, fungal and viral infections through our strengths in biomedical research and small molecule drug discovery. Furthermore, we are making proactive efforts in research for drugs to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases by participating in the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT), a public-private-partnership initiative.

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Our latest findings

Trojan Horse: The discovery of a new antibiotic, Cefiderocol (S-649266)


The Infectious Disease Research Group led by Yoshinori Yamano at Shionogi is making vigorous efforts to tackle drug-resistant bacteria, and has discovered the new antibiotic cefiderocol (S-649266) which has been shown to demonstrate potent efficacy against infections caused by multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria.

Towards suppression of HIV: The development of dolutegravir


There have been efforts at Shionogi for over 20 years to develop anti-HIV agents that can continue to be taken safely while maintaining anti-HIV activity, and which have seen the successful development of the groundbreaking HIV integrase inhibitor, dolutegravir.

CNS and Pain

Patients with psychiatric disorders often face difficulties in various social activities such as communicating with others, behaving out of the norm at work or at school, and living an isolated life. We are striving to research and develop pharmaceutical products that can help overcome these difficulties for patients by alleviating the various symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Alzheimer’s disease is also within our research scope for drug discovery.
We are also making efforts to search for better therapeutic medications for pain control. One of the major missions at Shionogi is to provide pharmaceutical products that demonstrate reliable effects quickly and safely for severe pain, a condition that can be difficult for other people to understand. We approach these issues by using innovative drug discovery technology, such as molecular imaging and gene editing.

Our latest collaboration

Project for drug discovery and medical research based on regeneration of synapses and neuronal functions (SK project)


The collaborative research project between Shionogi and Kyoto University (SK Project) began in 2013 under the supervision of Professor Ayae Kinoshita, striving for development of novel therapeutic agents for dementia with close cooperation between five diverse specialized groups.