Project for drug discovery and medical research based on regeneration of synapses and neuronal functions

(SK project, Kyoto University)

  • Professor・Ayae Kinoshita

  • Associate Professor・Yukinori Hirano

  • Associate Professor・Imayoshi Itaru

  • Associate Professor・Hiroyuki Okuno

The collaborative research project between Shionogi and Kyoto University (SK Project) began in 2013 under the supervision of Professor Ayae Kinoshita, striving for development of novel therapeutic agents for dementia with close cooperation between five diverse specialized groups. Participation in this project has brought us a valuable opportunity to understand the project operations and processes for drug discovery at pharmaceutical companies that could not be easily perceived at universities. There were some different perceptions about the true project goals at the start of the project, but mutual understanding has gradually been achieved with both academic and industry researchers sharing the same laboratory facilities. The expertise and know-how of both parties are now combined in a truly complementary manner, with the collaborative research functioning extremely efficiently. We expect this form of academia-industry collaboration will be popularized in the future, and it is sincerely hoped that an environment can develop that enables cross-fertilisation and a high level of mobility for both sets of researchers, as well as a pipeline that returns profit to society through drug discoveries from cutting-edge pure research.
The SK project is in the vanguard of open innovation models, and we are striving to achieve great results from it.



Discovery collaboration using PeptiDream's prorietary technology, PDPS

(Peptide Discovery Platform System)

  • Vice President・Keiichi Masuya

In February 2016, collaborative research and development between Shionogi & Co., Ltd. and PeptiDream Inc. was initiated to create constrained peptides for multiple target proteins.
During the project planning phase, Shionogi made sure to carefully discuss research plans, flow charts after screening using PDPS carried out at the company, and in what form target proteins would be supplied. Meetings with Shionogi research management and scientists are extremely friendly and constructive. I have been particularly impressed by the deep understanding of diseases, detailed research plans for each project, an extremely logical research framework, and a strong conviction to fulfill unmet medical needs, in addition to enthusiasm for each individual researcher’s project. In fact, the project was launched promptly after the agreement, producing results after a short time. The collaborative research with the excellent Shionogi researchers has inspired our researchers, and I believe it has made us grow as an organization.



The Milner Therapeutics Consortium

  • Tony Kouzarides

  • Kathryn Chapman

"We are very pleased that Shionogi is a member of the Milner Therapeutics Consortium and will use the Consortium to collaborate with scientists in Cambridge, UK. We are building the foundations for a world-leading hub in Cambridge around the Milner Therapeutics Institute and Shionogi are an important partner, demonstrating that the Consortium is working on a truly global scale.”

Professor Tony Kouzarides, Director, The Milner Therapeutics Consortium