Keiko Takasu
Pain & Neuroscience, Drug Discovery & Disease Research Laboratory

The pathological mechanisms for many CNS disorders are still unclear, and understanding of brain function related to the pathology is needed for drug discovery that targets those neurological functions. We research brain function related to such pathologies from the perspective of neural networks, and aim to discover new drugs for CNS disorders by advancing our understanding of pathological mechanisms which are difficult to perceive with existing research methods. There is a huge amount of research into this field around the world, and experimental techniques and analysis procedures are progressing on a daily basis, not only at our company. Cooperation with academic research teams is essential to move research forward by incorporating cutting-edge research techniques and knowledge.


We hope that collaborating with academic researchers specializing in these fields will help elucidate the pathologies of CNS disorders and develop new therapeutic medications. We believe this can be achieved by establishing multifaceted and improved research techniques and novel ideas that do not adhere to existing methods.

Jun Nakamura
Oligonucleotide Therapeutics, Biotechnology-Based Medicine, Drug Discovery & Disease Research Laboratory

Nucleic acid therapies are characterized by their ability to cause specific target gene silencing that cannot be achieved with small-molecules and antibodies. We are actively conducting research for next-gen molecularly targeted drugs. At Shionogi Research Laboratories, we are moving forward with research into a drug discovery platform for antisense therapies, siRNA therapies, and miRNA therapies. Some of our focus topics are improved pharmacokinetics and activity enhancement of nucleic acid therapies by conjugating original ligands, and by chemical modification of furanose ring and phosphorylation sites. Furthermore, major advances have been made in drug delivery systems (DDS).


Our interests in nucleic acid therapy relate to validated target gene information for infectious disease (bacteria and fungi) and cancer immunotherapy, and DDS technology targeting lung, CNS and blood cells. We hope for a concerted expansion of these fundamental technologies by collaborating with academic scientists.

Akihiko Sato
Principal Scientist, Infectious Diseases, Drug Discovery & Disease Research Laboratory

I have worked on viral research (biological systems) since joining the company in 1980. The greatest thing for me about drug discovery is the fact that compounds I have been involved with have been marketed, and that patients have personally experienced the benefits. It takes time for antiviral drugs to be developed and produced by Shionogi, but I know that our research teams have an exceptional capacity (particularly in terms of chemistry expertise) to produce innovative medicines. I am currently engaged in collaborative research at Hokkaido University, and continuing to work on research toward medicines for emerging and re-emerging infectious viruses that lack therapeutic medications.


Every day is incredibly enjoyable, with new discoveries on a daily basis. It is a working environment that can handle various viruses, along with the opportunity to study new ones. I think that good medicines can be produced with ideas acquired from universities alongside Shionogi drug discovery technology, like flowers blooming from seeds and good care. I want to make such flowers bloom for all viral diseases.